The Jesus Prayer

Jesus Said

“Whatever you ask in my name.” will be given to you

Jesus Prayer 

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God Have mercy upon me a sinner.

Jesus Prayer
Please Note

Who are just beginning to pray the Jesus prayer and i think we can all say honestly that we are all just beginning to pray the Jesus prayer, seek a spiritual father for guidance, the Jesus prayer is very short but very powerful, it will bring you into spiritual territory.

Jesus Prayer it’s not like you are praying a prayer out of a prayer book it is a prayer which is repeated slowly and which is taken up by the heart and is prayed by the heart and becomes part of who we are can even be part of our awareness part of our breathing so it is a different kind of prayer and in my humble opinion is to seek a spiritual father or someone who have a pastoral responsibility for a professional guidance.

How to pray the Jesus prayer

You breathe in and you say “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God,” and then you breathe out, “Have mercy upon me a sinner.”

And you just say it the whole way around and then you don’t stop. It’s something you can do all day.

what’s lovely about the Jesus Prayer is it’s sort of psychosomatic. Once you’re done praying it you might put your prayer rope down, but because you’ve been using your breath to pray it, you’ll continue praying it even on accident. Personally often find myself waking up in the morning and saying, “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy upon me a sinner” without even meaning to.

Now the Eastern fathers who have spoken so beautifully on the Jesus Prayer say that when we pray it we shouldn’t imagine Jesus in front of us. Rather, we should just recognize that Christ is present to us. We don’t recognize that in a visual way but we know in our intellect that he’s present to us, and then we pray it.

The father’s of the Church recommend this: one is by taking a good amount of time, 30 minutes a day, and in silence sitting down and just praying it. *Breathes deeply*

Personally if I am not praying I like to keep my prayer rope in my pocket, first I will like to stay in a constant communication with the Lord whenever I am in a difficult situation or having any problem personally or at work I can reach out to my pocket and say the prayer for a few minutes. Another nice thing about this is it makes it a lot more difficult to sin. I believe It’s a lot more difficult to sin when you’re in constant communication with the Lord.

Also if you practice the Jesus prayer please keep in mind that you need also to participate in the liturgical worship and in the sacraments of the church it’s very important to confess your sins it’s very important to receive the body and blood of christ the Jesus prayer is not a replacement for these things, it is a very beautiful powerful prayer and it intrude and it brings us into the heavenly places together with christ but it doesn’t mean that we stop going to church.

Finally, we must never lose that idea of being sinners because it allows us to approach the Lord God ask for him to help us receive that mercy as sinners so I hope this prayer is helpful for you in your daily habitual prayer life because it really does open up our hearts to be a prayer of the heart directly go into the Lord and asking the Lord Jesus Christ as sinners to give us mercy 

Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy upon us.